It’s that time of year – time to go holiday shopping AND start to hit the books to study for the dental boards. We know that each school follows a little bit different schedule, but many dental students are busy balancing class, holidays, and studying simultaneously during the month of December.

So, we wanted to share a few tips that may make your life easier.

The first one is actually tip #0 – and that is…get the B&B Dental NBDE Part I online course! Our product features a step by step study plan, along with videos, online flashcards, and more. If you’ve already gotten your study materials, then read on!

5 Tips to Maximize Studying for the NBDE:

  • Start early. While some people revel in their ability to study “under pressure”, crunch time is never a good way to study for an exam that has such a monumental effect on your career. Allow at least 2-3 months to study, and block out specific times to do so. Make a commitment to yourself and stick to it.
  • Get an accountability partner. Even if you block time on your calendar, who’s going to make sure you actually use that time? Getting a study buddy, or simply someone you can text and “report” your progress to is an idea worth implementing!
  • Start with subjects you’re most familiar with. Build up momentum by using the areas where you’re already knocking it out of the park. This confidence will carry you over to the parts where you need a bit more help. If you start too hard out of the gate, you run the risk of getting discouraged or burned out early.
  • Repeat and repeat again. Studying for the dental boards is a gradual process; make sure you leave time to revisit each subject area and dig a little deeper each time. Don’t think of it as repetitive. Instead, think of it as repeating a subject in order to retain the information more significantly in your gray matter.
  • Get away from distractions. This could mean finding a dedicated study place, closing all apps, putting your phone on silent, etc. There are even apps for Mac and PC that close all social media applications and won’t let you reopen them for a specific period of time. Do what you need to in order to get “in the zone” and stay there!

What other study tips do you suggest? Let us know!