When it comes to studying for the NBDE Part I, it’s helpful to know what you’re getting into, right?

We agree – which is why we’d like to break down the difference between the two levels of B&B Dental. If you’ve followed B&B for any length of time, you’ll come to know that we’ve updated the product many times – but this last release has been the most significant one.

In fact, the 2018 release of B&B Dental places this online NBDE Part I prep course in the category unlike anything else available to dental students. No other NBDE Part I prep course has all of these materials in one place. Plus, no other program can offer the level of expertise, research, and development that has been completed for you.

It’s all been done to the highest level because we believe in all of you and want to see you succeed. This company was started by dental and medical professionals who have all been in your shoes!



B&B Basic vs. B&B Advantage

The first thing to know is that there are two different levels of the program. Not everyone is ready to dive in, which we realize, so we create the Basic version. As you can see from the graphic, B&B Basic offers you a rock solid foundation allowing you to get through all of the subjects one time.

With B&B Basic, you’ll get:

– a 600 page textbook

– 15 hours of HD video

– 1,100 flashcards

That’s a monster of a value – and it’s basically like combining Dental Decks with a Kaplan textbook and adding video to help you understand it all.

Research shows dental students need more

While the Basic is good, our extensive research with students at campuses all around the nation has shown that you also need key components to adequately prep for the exam.

These key components include testlets, practice exams, and mock exams.

As you examine B&B Advantage, you’ll see that we pack all of that and more into what we call “Phase Two”. With B&B Advantage, you get everything from the Basic, PLUS:

– 1,800 questions

– 12 Testlet Exams

– 11 Precise Practice Exams

– 3 Mock Exams

Experience a similar testing environment and content

The goal is for you to feel 100% ready for the NBDE® Part I. By offering real-world scenarios and the same type of content you’ll see on your exam, not only will you be prepared to take the boards – you’ll be ready to dominate them.

If you have specific questions about the differences between the two level of B&B, please contact our support team at support@bandbdental.com.

Good luck on your boards!