We know there are a number of prep materials you can use to prepare for the NBDE Part 1 exam, so today we’re going to break down the differences between B&B Dental and the Dental Mastery App.

B&B Dental vs. Dental Mastery App

While the Dental Mastery App is full of questions, the major downside is that it lacks a designated pattern or sequence of the questions it presents you. You could spend hours going through questions but miss out on a section in The Big Five because it’s not broken up into sections.

Questions with a Purpose

That’s where we differ. We’ll help you build a strong foundation of each concept by presenting questions during the videos, then build on that with our notecards. Our platform breaks notecards into each section so you know what you should be focusing on rather than just going through the most amount of random notecards.

For a quick example and to hear Kyle explain the difference, watch our video below!

More about B&B Dental

B&B Dental is an educational company that will help you dominate the NBDE Part 1. We go beyond notecards with a structured study plan, videos, and a comprehensive textbook. Click here learn more about our course!

With our course, you get access to an organized plan of all of the content, plus video tutorials, flashcards, review mechanisms, and a customized study manual designed to guide you through all of the information you need to know to dominate the NBDE.

Students who utilize the B&B Dental course for NBDE Part I tell us that they can’t believe how easy the test was, or that it was exactly as they studied. That’s because we’ve put in years of work to comb through past exams, talk with professors, gather feedback from students, and analyze different learning styles.

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