B and B Dental


  • How long does it take to receive the B&B Dental Textbook after ordering?

    Textbooks are typically shipped within 1-2 business days after placing your order, and delivered within 3-6 business days after shipping, depending upon your location.

  • How long is the B&B Dental Textbook?

    We have attempted to condense a tremendous amount of information into a single volume, and the result is a lengthy (approx. 700 pages) but concise text perfect for self-study.

    In the textbook we have highlighted the material we believe is most critical for board exam success.  Our goal was simple – organize all of the best information in ONE place, so that students do not have to spend precious review time ORGANIZING information, but instead can start STUDYING from day one.

    Don’t let the length intimidate you!  The B&B program will walk you through the most relevant portions of the book and help you to approach what is a monumental learning task in a focused, organized, and manageable way.

  • Can I purchase the textbook separately from the course?

    We do not offer our review textbooks separately from the courses themselves.  Our program offers a comprehensive approach to exam preparation, and each component plays a critical role.  The material – including the textbook – is intended to be part of a complete package aimed at helping you study wisely and prepare thoroughly.

  • Can I purchase the B&B Dental online course for multiple people with one transaction?

    Sometimes a student would like to order a course for him/herself and also for a friend.  To do so, you MUST register and pay for each order separately.  Separate orders are required so that each person has a unique username and password for accessing the B&B Dental study website.  Of course, you are always welcome to use the same payment method for each registration.

  • Is it safe to make a credit card purchase with B&B Dental online?

    At B&B Dental, we take a number of well-accepted and standard measures to ensure that your valuable payment information is safe.  In particular, all checkout transactions are processed on a secure server maintained by a nationally-recongized hosting company, and no credit card information is ever stored in our databases.  Many browsers will display a small lock emblem in the lower right corner of the page when you visit a secure page, such as the checkout pages of the B&B Dental site.  For example, a small lock emblem should appear in the lower right corner of FireFox web browser when checking out at B&B Dental, and this emblem lets you know that the page is secure.

  • How long does it take to complete your course?

    On average, it takes 4 weeks to complete our course. Many students finish the course within 3 weeks, but 4 weeks is our recommendation because it allows some cushion to insure you review areas of weakness more than once.

  • What is included in my course purchase?

    A textbook (shipped via UPS), 600 digital flashcards, and 14 hours of online videos. The textbook organizes everything in one location for you; the digital flashcard and online videos emphasize the key concepts from the textbook that are most critical for exam success. Students love this systematic, logical approach to preparation!

  • What is the pass rate of students who use your course?

    We love this question. In the past year only 1 student has requested an extension (through the B&B guarantee) of their online access out of 100s of students who have enrolled in our course!

  • How is B&B Dental different than other products available for NBDE preparation?

    Most resources that prepare you for standardized exams do one thing – they give you a product, and now its up to you to figure out what’s important and how long your preparation should take. What makes B&B different, is that we do three things – we give you our product, we provide a plan, and we coach you through the plan. For example, we tell you exactly what sections have the most questions, and we start there. And through our online videos, we tell you where to spend your time by coaching you through each chapter of our book, and we do it efficiently – because we know you are busy!

    We have found that students love this guidance – they love videos! As technology has evolved, students expect a resource that meets a new standard. Our entire course was created with that in mind.

  • B&B Dental is new. Why should I trust this product for such an important exam?

    We are confident that B&B is the best product available because we spent over 2 years creating this product through careful research. We spent months reviewing competitors products as well as the resources recommended on the NBDE website. We found that some resources were really solid in one area but would have major gaps in other areas. Our team of dentists took Part 1 and experienced this frustration firsthand. So our goal was simple (but incredibly time consuming); to put all of the best information into one resource. We took 100s of resources, reviewed each of them, and condensed the most critical information into this one resource. We know without a doubt that students using our product have the most complete resource available for NBDE Part 1. The results have been so outstanding. Only 1 student, out of 100s that have used our product, has requested an extension due to failing the exam!

  • What feedback have you received from students about your product?

    We have heard from B&B students immediately after their exam saying that they felt the test was easy! We love hearing this. One of these students asked me, “What is your secret? How did you guys nail exactly what was going to be on the exam? The answer is hard work and careful research. We have gone through all of the NBDE released exams and have tabulated specific topics and exact questions that have been most frequently asked on the exam. And through our online videos, we guide you, we tell you exactly what topics and what questions have been hit in each chapter of your textbook.

  • Standardized exams make me very nervous. What advice can you give me?

    You are the reason we created this course. Our team has worked with over 12,000 students to help them pass standardized exams and the most rewarding part of this process for us is to hear students who have said, “I always hated standardized exams, and I never was a good test taker. But with B&B Dental, I followed the plan you guys laid out, I “bought in” and nailed the goals you set for me, and I couldn’t believe how well I did on that test. I passed it by several hundred points. At B&B Dental, we hear that over and over again, and that is what drives us to make our course the best product available for the NBDE exam.

  • How did you decide what to focus on within your review course?

    Careful research! When we researched the NBDE outline, we were shocked to find that 75% of your test came from 5 sections! So our program STARTS by dominating these 5 sections and then we gradually get into the smaller sections that have little to no value. For example, we know that a lot of students worry about neuroscience. They worry about it so much that they occasionally start their preparation with this section. Don’t do that! Your gonna love this – neuroscience is the least important section on your entire exam. There are only 6 neuroscience questions on your exam!

  • I like to review flashcards. Does this come as part of my course purchase? If so, how are your flashcards different than Dental Decks?

    Yes, our 600 digital flashcards are automatically included in every course purchase. Our flashcards are different in 3 ways:

    1. You can favorite our flashcards, which allows you to organize the most difficult concepts for you (from every area on the exam) in one location!

    2. Our flashcards provide the “why” behind the answer, so you can truly learn the concept and not just memorize facts.

    3. Our flashcards provide a one sentence “bottom-line” summary so that you can review the key point quickly on 100s of flashcards for last minute review.