B and B Dental

Success Stories

I passed my Board exam! The B & B dental program is amazing! My biggest challenge in preparing for the test was the huge volume of material that I needed to review. Your program did a wonderful job narrowing the material down and helping me to focus on the MOST important concepts. The way the program organized the material into high-yield and low-yield was ideal and very closely matched the concepts emphasized on my exam. I did not find the earlier review materials that I used half as effective in preparing me for success as B & B.


B & B Dental offered me the best opportunity to excel in my National Board Exam while still creating a great foundation and understanding for the many facets of dentistry. The material is very user friendly and allows you to manage your time in the best fashion by focusing on the most relevant topics and previous test questions. I highly recommend B&B to any and all dental students looking for the best resource available at a great price!

Nate Jackson

When it came time to pick a product to use to study for boards, I’m glad that I chose B & B Dental because it not only gave me a place to start my studying but it also gave me a multifaceted way to review the concepts I had just “learned” over the last year and a half. I liked that I had a specific amount of videos to get through, an organized place to keep all my notes, and flashcards that I could practice with to reinforce the concepts. My favorite videos were in Physiology because the teacher helped me understand topics that had never made sense to me. I liked the explanations throughout the entire book overall though and feel like I was well-prepared for my boards. Some of the questions on the flashcards were almost identical to the way that questions were asked on the actual boards exam. I think it’s a great product, and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to dental students as they study. I’m proud to say I passed my boards on the first try, and I completely have B & B to thank for that!

Jessica Sliger

B & B dental helped me prepare and pass part one dental boards in a fast, structured, efficient manner. I knew exactly what I needed to focus on and how much time to delegate to each area. Highly recommended!!!

Jess Whitford

Overall, I loved it. I think I would have had been so overwhelmed if I had not used B&B. This is the only product I used to study, and I passed my boards the first time I took it.

Anna Jobe

The most important thing about this program is that it’s structured, which allowed me to set up a schedule that I could follow and not feel overwhelmed. All in all, I was very happy with B & B and would recommend it to any dental student preparing for boards.

Hayley Shenberger